We Have a Date! + Website Updates

Hey everyone! We’ve got a date for MakerJam 2017, a new webpage, and sleep deprivation under the cut!

S[hm]arah here!
It’s 3:28 AM right now and I have philosophy at 11AM tomorrow BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY I have created an about page that explains the Who/What/When/Where/Why of MakerJam… in REVERSE ORDER! Check it out for yourself by clicking “What’s a MakerJam” in the sidebar (unless I’ve changed that title by now…? I probably will?) or by simply clicking here.

Oh right, bigger news! MakerJam 2017 has a DATE now! (Thank you to Patrick and our friends in New Milford for working that all out.) Drumroll please…


This year’s MakerJam is the weekend of June 16th, 2017.
MakerJam 2017 will start Friday morning (June 16) at 12:00AM and will end Sunday night (June 18) at 11:59PM. We will still accept submissions until 11:59 on Monday night (June 19.)


You would know that if you read my about page under “When” … but maybe you’re just trying to be polite by waiting until you’re done reading my post first; I’ll give you the benefit of a doubt. I mean, it is 3AM…

Love and Sparkles,

S[hm]arah and the MakerJam Team

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