MakerJam 2017 – A Quickstart Guide

Hey Makers!
MakerJam 2017 is fast approaching: June 16-18th weekend is a little over a week away!
We wanted to clear up any questions you may have about participating in the jam.
If you want more information, you can visit our various help pages, linked in the sidebar!

Yeah, how do I participate in MakerJam, anyway?

1. Make something, anything.
2. Share it with us.

That’s really it! But we can break it down a bit:

How do I make? What can I make? Where do I go? What are the RULES?

The only rule is that there are no rules.* You can make anything, anyhow, anywhere.

There is, however a theme:

The MakerJam 2017 theme will be released on Thursday, June 15th at 2:00PM EST.

The theme is meant to be a launching pad for your creativity, giving makers a place to start and draw inspiration from, and to loosely unify every participant as part of this year’s collective MakerJam movement.

Last year’s theme was “FUTURE” and we received an amazingly broad range of entries, from drawings of flying cars to poems about personal dreams. Feel free to browse through the entries we’ve collected from MakerJam 2016 by clicking here!
Why and how should I share my creation?

MakerJam is a collective creative movement: a concentration of creativity taking place in makers all around the globe! With the power of The Internet we can collect all of this making in one place and display it for posterity.
We want to make the record of MakerJam 2017 on this site as complete as it can be.
To officially submit what you’ve made as something created for MakerJam 2017, simply hit the Submit a Thing button and fill out the form!

Why and how should I sign up for a MakerJam account? Do I have to? 

You do not need to sign up for a MakerJam account to submit an entry.
When you Submit an Entry to the jam, we’ll automatically sign you up for an account if you’re not logged in already. Remember the e-mail address you use in the submission form – we’ll send you your account details and a link to set your password.

If you’d like to use the links near the bottom of the page to sign up for an account ahead of time, that’s cool too! (Being prepared is always cool. Patrick would know, he’s an eagle scout.)

Having an account allows you to edit your entries, and this way all of the things you make and submit can be found under your name, even across different years.

Still have a question? No problem.
Contact Us!


With your help, we know that MakerJam 2017 will be a huge success!

Love and Sparkles,
The MakerJam Team


*While we are firm believers in no rules, we here at MakerJam do not condone the creation of harmful content. All posts go through our approval system; we reserve the right to refuse to promote content we deem inappropriate.


  1. Elle

    Just finding out about MakerJam, and I think it is an amazing idea and opportunity for everyone! However, our school district is out for summer during this time in June. I would love it if the dates were moved up to May or another time earlier in the school year, so we could rally more of our students to participate.
    Thank you!

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