Lighting the Skies


The song is my cover of Shooting Star by Owl City.

This is the story of a girl who discovers her light and creates the stars, lighting the skies.

For a fuller explanation; this girl looks up to the celestial beings- the sun and the moon. They are her light, both literally and figuratively. That night in particular, the moon becomes hard to see, obstructed by clouds. She finds that she doesn’t need to only look up to the moon’s light, discovering her own within. With it, she creates the stars, spreading them across the skies as lights for others to look up to. Though they are small, the can have a large impact on others.

The deeper meaning I tried to put into this is that though we do look up to others, we can look to ourselves as well. Even though other people may seem more important, you can do great things too, as long as you believe in yourself.

I made this over the course of three days, but it was basically less than 24 hours. I’m pretty happy with the result- this was a great challenge for me!

I first started drawing out a picture based on what I thought of. Then a song came to mind that I could possibly add into it. I based the rest of the images off of the song and went on from there. Afterwards, I decided to actually cover the song.

If you watch the video, thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

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