Lighting the Skies

¬† The song is my cover of Shooting Star by Owl City. This is the story of a girl who discovers her light and creates the stars, lighting the skies. For a fuller explanation; this girl looks up to the celestial beings- the sun and the moon. They are her …

Blinding Light

For MakerJam 2017: ILLUMINATE ch’boi Sarah painted a thing! I also recorded myself painting that thing! I also taught myself how to use audio samples in my chiptune tracker program, so the repetitive musical accompaniment is a result of that experiment!

Different Kinds of Illumination

Long week Long week moderating MakerJam stuff and also running 5Ks and working and other stuff So yeah I’m not gonna act like this is utterly amazing or anything but there’s something kind of nice about simplicity sometimes, y’know?

Me and my Dad

When I was given the theme of “Illuminate” my first idea was a couple of things. Some being the definition of light and another a literal object that illuminates, a light bulb. Now I love drawing and in a way drawing gives me “light” in a sense, that it helps …

Fairy Magic

My partner and I created a little fairy terrarium with fairy lights to ILLUMINATE our day! It is created with fake plants and cut out fairies with fairy lights.

The Spectrum Project

The Spectrum project was a collaboration between Emmett McElroy, Michael Davidoff, and myself; Calie Carlson. We took an average CD and attached it to a bowl. By doing so, we created a stable reflective surface which we discovered after multiple trial and errors is a perfect base for our spectrum. …