How do I MakerJam?

How do I make? ▾

You know how!
If you don’t know how, you’ll figure it out.
If you don’t figure it out, you’ll make something anyway.

How do I participate in MakerJam? ▾
1. Make something, anything!

The MakerJam 2017 Theme will be released on the first day of the jam – use it as a starting point or as inspiration, but only if you want!
As you’re making your Thing, share your progress with us by using the hashtag #MakerJam2017 on social media!

2. Share it with the world!

Submit your Thing to the MakerJam website!
Within 24 hours your Thing will be displayed on the MakerJam page along with all of the other Things made that weekend – a collection of collaborative AWESOME.

I have a question about my MakerJam Account ▾

Click here to register for a MakerJam account if you haven’t already.
Click here to log in to your existing account.

Use the My Account page to edit your account details –
from here you can change your name, email, or password.

Your profile image is linked to the image associated with your email address on Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar). Changing your Gravatar will update your MakerJam profile image.

I have a question about submitting a Thing, or about a Thing I've already submitted. ▾

Submit your thing by clicking here or on the Submit a Thing button!

  • Complete all of the required fields in the submission form and hit Submit.
  • Sit back and wait for the MakerJam mods (that’s us!) to make your submission live.

You can check on the status of your submissions and edit them by clicking here or on the My Submissions button.


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