What’s a MakerJam?

If you’re new to the MakerJam, you probably have some questions…

Why make? ▾

Human beings make cool things
like choose-your-own-adventure books, and light-up sweaters, and animal shelters, and electroswing, and tapioca balls, and those tiny sculptures people carve into the tips of pencils, OH, and glow-in-the-dark stuff, and  winged eyeliner, and X-men fanfiction…!
But that’s just off the top of my head.

Human beings make AWESOME things. It’s one of the coolest parts of being human.

But sometimes making things takes a bit of time,
and a bit of resources,
and we get so caught up making time,
to make more resources,
to make more time,
to make more resources,
Until a whole lot of time has gone by,
And you’re staring at the book you never finished, and the pencil you never carved,
And you can’t even recognize any of the current X-men characters!

Maybe it’s about time we stop asking, “Why make?”

And start asking, “Why aren’t I making?”

Why MakerJam? ▾

MakerJam is a little idea:
that with just a little bit of time,
and limited resources,
you can make something AWESOME.

MakerJam is also a big idea:
that a whole lot of humans making a whole lot of awesome all over the world is a really, really awesome thing to make happen.


Where do I MakerJam? ▾


All that you technically need to participate in MakerJam is an internet connection, so you can see the secret theme and submit your thing to the MakerJam website.
Schools, friends, clubs, and other kinds of organizations near you may be interested in holding a gathering for the jam – which is totally cool! Go there and make! Or stay in your room and make!
Makerjam can happen anywhere because making happens everywhere. (within legal boundaries)


WHEN is the MakerJam? ▾


The annual MakerJam takes place during a weekend in June.

This year’s MakerJam is the weekend of June 16th, 2017.

MakerJam 2017 will start when the theme is released Thursday, June 15th at 2:30PM EST. Using the theme as a starting point, participants will have until Sunday night (June 18) to make something, anything. Some late submissions will be accepted.


What IS MakerJam? ▾

MakerJam is an event where all kinds of makers are encouraged to make all kinds of Things during a weekend in June.

The MakerJam website is a collection of as many of those Things as we can gather in one place as a testament to how much AWESOME can be made in the span of one weekend.

Who can make? ▾

Anyone can make, so anyone can participate in the MakerJam!

Did you really mean to ask: Who is the MakerJam team? ▾
Oh, wait, you didn't actually care? ▾

Well, that’s okay.

We hope that we’ll get to see you make something, anything, next MakerJam!

Love and Sparkles,
The MakerJam Team

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